Things you need to know about eating disorders

Mental disorders are of many types and their symptoms also vary from each other. But in most of the cases, it is not easy to diagnose the actual disorder such as there is difference between anxiety and depression. But in most of the cases these are mistakenly understood. Because anxiety remains for short period of time but depression remains for longer period. Eating disorders are also associated with mental disorders and their number is increasing day by day. You can also search on internet about the eating disorders Dubai. So you must know about these types of disorders because these disorders can occur in any person. So you can get further information from the website here.

What is eating disorder?

This is the type of disorder in which the person experience disturbance in eating behavior. This disorder is most likely to occur in females between the ages of 12 years to 35 years because usually females are weight conscious. The self-esteem of person deceases and they feel themselves to be pre-occupied with weight and food so as a result they reduce the quantity of their food so their weight is decreased to a great extent. They feel themselves over weight although they are not. But in early stages, patients are even unaware from this type of problem and they deny about any type of problem. Sometimes, these types of disorders occur with other type of disorders such as anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder etc. As patients are taking insufficient food so it causes different type of problems in persons such as malnutrition, low HB level, heart problems and body weakness. Our body needs energy to do normal activities of life but if we are not giving proper energy to our body then it will affect the normal routine works of our life. And this energy comes from our food that we eat.


There is close link between the emotional health and physical health in this type of disorder. And sometimes different types of diseases occur in the persons who are eating less food. So first step to overcome this disorder is to help the patients to gain more weight. But it is related to physical health only. So there will be need to treat the emotional problems of patients. So for this purpose, counselling is done. Because counseling is the only way by which they will share their problems and they will try to learn overcome problems in their daily life.