2 Steps to Lose Weight and Get Healthy

2 Steps to Lose Weight and Get Healthy

We all love those models with thin legs and waist that catwalk on ramp but we love chocolate cakes too on the other hand. We all want our weight machines to show us ideal weighed but we also want to have cheesy and double-patty burgers that satisfy all cravings. We all try to do heavy exercises daily to burn all the fat but we also cannot resist to have Oreo shake after exercise.

We all face such issues due to which we end up with losing zero percent of fat and weight.

But, dear guys, you know losing weight is not that difficult as we have made it or think about. In fact, it is much easier than we have thought. A person needs to follow only two steps to lose weight fast while making the body healthy and fit.

Do you want to know those steps?  Yes?  Then scroll down

  1. Chew your food 32 times: It is an old saying to chew your food 32 times. Digestion is very complicated and time consuming process. Therefore, teeth and has been given half of the responsibility if digestion and other 50 percent of task is assigned to stomach and intestines. Mouth and teeth are assigned to crush the food into pieces and mix it with saliva to make it able for remaining digestive system to scratch out nutrients from it. For crushing the food into pieces in mouth, it is required to chew it. The more you would chew, the less food you will need to eat because mire chewing will lead more extraction of nutrients from it which will lead you to need less nutrients. Majority of people do not chew food properly due to which big pieces of food will jump down in stomach where it will get difficult to squeeze out essential nutrients from it which resulted in slowing down of metabolism. And slowing down of metabolism is the main cause of weight gain. So, chew more. Initially, it will be difficult for you to count while chewing. Even you will feel pain but when you get used to of it then you would not feel pain.
  2. Sleep well: According to studies and researches, people who sleep less tend to gain more weight. The reason is that such people have more intake of sugar and sugary foods in order to become active and alert to be able to perform well in their work or tasks than well sleepers because they are already aware and alert because of having fresh mind which is the result in of good sleep. So,  try to sleep well. You can have luke warm milk before going to bed. The warmth of milk will make you fall asleep faster.

So, these are two simple steps to lose weight while making yourself healthy. Don’t lose weight to please society. Lose weight to get healthy and fine. Health is wealth. Take care of your health otherwise it will be you who will suffer and it will be you who will get admitted in hospital.