Things to know before installing swimming pools

Having a personal pool in our house is probably on the top of everyone’s bucket list especially with the summers fast approaching, we all can see ourselves vacationing in our homes. But we all know that installing pools takes a lot of thought and planning so here is to ease out some tension for you, let’s take a look at things that you should consider before looking out for swimming pool companies in Dubai.

  • Consider your site area

Just because you have an open space in your backyard this doesn’t mean that you can build a pool on it. You will have to get proper site inspection done in order to have your floor plan clear out as a pool area. Sometimes houses are built on slopes while other times there is a fear of land sliding and earthquakes which will consider the need of geo technical engineers to help you through it. Obviously, size and location will also affect your options of pool and how big you are expecting it to be.

  • Consider the positioning

This is obvious that pool won’t be full 24/7 unless you and your family is too hyped up about it that they even sleep in it. But when your pool isn’t in use it will add an aesthetically pleasing look to your house, and therefore positioning would matter. You will have to consider the lighting and how it looks from inside the house. Filtration equipment alongside pool toys and pool side area will also need space so make sure that the pool is near garden so that you get to have a proper beach vacation.

  • Consider the look

By look we don’t mean choosing the pool design but before that you will have to choose whether you would like the pool to be built in ground or above ground. The main reason behind asking this is that in ground pools have an aesthetically pleasing look to it but at the same time it takes more time and energy to dig out a hole. Whereas if you consider out of ground pool, then it is going to cost you less, but it doesn’t have a very sturdy or permanent feel to it.

There are so many other things which you should look out for but most important one is to seek referrals as the building a pool is not easy. Visit for further details.