Things to know about the Expo 2020

The first ever world expo took place in the Hyde Park which consisted cast iron glass structure designed by the brilliant Sir Joseph Paxton in the crystal palace situated in London inaugurated by Queen Victoria’s Prince Albert in 1851. No less than six million people attended the exhibition including prominent personalities such as Charles Darwin and Charles Dickens.

The whole idea behind staging such an event was to bring together modern manufacturing and technologies as innovation took place. This exhibition is the one which introduced us with the idea of telegraph and soon people started recognizing it for its brilliance. Different expos started taking place all around the world and slowly and gradually different kind of inventions which we see today were introduced. Ferris wheel, electricity, television and mobile phone are some of the extremely useful invention which can’t be ignored.

Seeing the world change through expo, we have come a long way and speculations are, in the world of today – Expo 2020 news promises us some latest mind blowing inventions and proves to be no less remarkable as the previous ones. Prime minister and vice president of UAE promise the world through Sharjah news to astonish the world through the remarkable theme of Connecting minds, creating future. People seem to have labelled it as the sustainable and perhaps the major global challenge of all time.

The stakes of world expo seems to have doubled considering the number of audience that is willing to attend. Through sources it is known that more than 25 million visitors are going to become a part of it as the expo continues on for 6 months attracting most of its audience from outside The Emirates – mainly from developed economic countries.

One of the major questions which most of the people wonder is how Dubai is going to manage such a number of visitors and attendees. Well, Dubai have got it all covered by building a complete new Dubai city in the South of Dubai just a few minutes away from the international airport for its visitors coming from 190 countries who will have no travel issues at all as the Dubai Metro will be carrying 46,000 passengers within 16 minutes in just the span of an hour. The event seems to be completely prepared for all the visitors with hotels fully booked.