Things to Keep in Mind When Preparing a Special Power of Attorney

Things to Keep in Mind When Preparing a Special Power of Attorney

While the special power of attorney in Dubai is a legally binding contract, it does not mean you cannot change it or cancel it. This article will show you a few things to keep in mind when preparing your documents for this purpose. Specifically, we’ll discuss what to do if one or more of your intended beneficiaries become mentally incompetent and unable to make decisions for themselves; we’ll look at the effect of a power of attorney on a child or children; and finally, we’ll examine some practical considerations for making sure your wishes are carried out under the special power of attorney. You should always seek legal counsel from an experienced attorney when making changes to your power of attorney documents. A lawyer can explain the implications of making these changes and help you make wise choices.

One: The primary purpose of this type of document is to establish an authority for someone to act on your behalf. A power of attorney may be used to name a caregiver for someone with a debilitating illness, hire a tutor to help with school work, or even set up home health care services for your aging parents. In many cases, the ability of the attorney to act on your behalf gives you the freedom to manage your finances and personal life. But you must always remember that the power of attorney is not to be used irresponsibly.

Two: The document itself should be fairly simple. It begins with the name of your intended authority and ends with the name of any other person you wish to grant this power to. You should ensure that it uses the words “power of attorney,” “permanent”, and that it identifies the authority as being for your benefit. If you have other people involved in the process (spouses, parents, siblings, friends), make sure they agree with your choices for powers. The attorney-in-fact should use his or her name as well. 

Three: Keep in mind that special power of attorney does not transfer ownership of the real estate. Neither does it grant you the right to do anything otherwise illegal. If you are arranging affairs with a family member who is ill, a power of attorney might be used to allow someone to handle the finances, or to pay bills, for example. 

Four: Don’t sign this document more than once. Keep it with other important documents such as a check, a statement, or power of attorney form, and your driver’s license or social security card. This way, if you change your name and don’t follow through on your duties as the agent, you will have another record to fall back on. Always remember to consult with a lawyer before making major decisions, such as who to take money from or hire for certain projects.