First breakthrough in the world of kickboxing

First breakthrough in the world of kickboxing

The first ladies kickboxing in Abu Dhabi fight took place in recent times which is something that would have been unimaginable a decade ago. It was challenging for this fight to take place as there  were rumors of not a single MMA gym in Abu Dhabi.

Things went as planned: From the moment the first kickboxing match took place recently in Abu Dhabi, seats were sold out and the televising rights had increased not only within the state as viewers across the globe had access to this particular match. The best part about this fight was many found it hard to accept that this martial sport had taken place in the Emirates.

Hosting this match was not easy: Before the first match took place, rumors were circulating that the whole event could be scrapped at the last moment for not having a MMA gym in place. To get over this rumor pioneers of this tournament had already announced that a MMA gym was already in place and has been operating since the last 2 years. This particular MMA gym has the potential to cater to at least thirty fighters alongwith their coaches at all times. This particular gym is located centrally so that restroom facilities, hostels and healthcares were literally nearby. Role of the gym could be seen in the performances of the fighters as their physical fitness were monitored at all times. The environment of the gym was such that the players and coaches would openly communicate. This goes to show that despite being a Muslim state, great tolerance was showed to players and coaches from various backgrounds.

Tournament turned out to be a success: In spite of the challenges the tournament faced it was a box office hit. Sponsors raked in money, fighters got their monetary rewards as per the rounds and lastly the audience got their entertainment. Success of this magnitude would inspire future generations of females to take up kickboxing whether for professional reasons or as a hobby as per their liking.

Dress codes to follow: Despite allowing this tournament to take place, the state made it clear that female fighters had to be appropriately dressed regardless of their religion. This does not imply their movements were restricted rather wear clothes accepted by the United Arab Emirates(UAE).