Top 5 areas that the expo 2020 will influence

Top 5 areas that the expo 2020 will influence

Expo 2020 is near to begin and Dubai has been busy in its preparation. We say and others agree that it will have impact on Dubai but no one tells that where it will impact and how. Yes, the event will change the economic situations of the city from different paradigms but what areas will be affected by it? Do you want to know? If yes, then see that 2020 will influence different sectors of Dubai but the top five are;

Infrastructure: Building, pipelines, roads will be created or improved to make it look better. After winning the bid to host Expo, the ministers passed orders to develop the road lines and maintain pipelines near the place of event. The event will take place 480 hector big place, Jebel Ali. There metro extensions and hotels are built to make the area facilitated for coming guests.

Economy: The stocks are already high since it won the bid. The Jones Day Analysis says that the city will be able to generate $23 bn from the vent while UAE has less hopes. It thinks that $17 bn will be generated. Analysts and businessmen have opinion that $150 bn of investment will come into the UAE. After all, it will be the platform where computer geeks, technologists, capitalists and kings and queens of economy will come and invest their billions of money to earn trillions from it. 

Jobs: According to MEED reports, there be 277,000 jobs and employment opportunities for the development of the country for EXPO because people would be needed to build roads, help in tourism, economy and other sectors. According to different companies, the event will increase salaries of already employed people too.

Real Estate: According to reports and news, around 25 million visitors will come in EXPO 2020 and 71 percent of them are not from Dubai. It means that buildings and houses will be constructed to give them place to stay. Since 2016, the city has been busy in developing tourism and hotel industry along with buildings and metro extensions to make commute and stay easy and luxurious.

Media: Media is a mirror. It will reflect the image to whole world. The media of Dubai, right now, is busy in EXPO 2020. The reporters and journalists want to capture even the tiniest detail of the event to tell everyone and create hype of it the most.